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They say true beauty’s underneath. But with our new selection of area rugs, beauty’s underneath, on the surface—everywhere.

Available in luxurious natural and synthetic fibers, including wool, polyester, and cotton, area rugs are a versatile accent piece for rooms and hallways of any size. Layer them on top of hardwood to instantly enhance your floor’s aesthetic and create a unique home feel.


Roll out the benefits

Why should you buy an area rug?
The real question is—why shouldn’t you?

  • Adds cushioning and comfort to any space
  • Muffles foot traffic and absorbs sound to minimize echo
  • Slows the movement of energy to create a relaxing and grounded atmosphere
  • Traps dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air for better breathing
  • Offers full coverage over any permanent stains or markings





Sizing up your space

  • As a general rule of thumb, your area rug should be large enough to fit under most, if not all, of a room’s furniture. Keep in mind that furniture can be used to hold area rugs in place—just be sure not to cover up any cool patterns or designs.
  • In an average-sized room, rugs should be centered and approximately 10” – 20” from the walls. Have a more than, or less, than average-sized room? Feel free to adjust those dimensions to as low as 8” or as high as 24”. Or consider using carpet tiles instead of traditional rugs for an easy and customizable fit.
  • Buying for a particularly large room? Use multiple area rugs with cohesive patterns and colors to break up the space and give it a more intimate feel.

Take care

  • Behind every great area rug is an excellent rug pad. General Rug Pads minimize movement and can be easily resized while Premium Rug Pads are great for holding rugs in place and protecting floors from scratching.
  • Medium to high-pile rugs should be cleaned every year, while low-pile rugs should be occasionally shaken out. However, be aware that a rug’s material will also impact the cleaning techniques at your disposal.
  • To keep your area rug in great condition, be sure to check with the manufacturer for full care and cleaning recommendations.